TTC stands for “Trying to Conceive”

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Infertility affects many couples, but it’s rarely discussed. When I was going through infertility, I had to reach out for help. I was surprised to find a whole community of women on Instagram sharing their struggles and supporting each other. I found them by searching the hashtag #ttccommunity on Instagram. TTC stands for “trying to conceive” which a lot of these women had been doing, some for months and some for years even.

The support I experienced was incredible. All of our lives revolved around tracking ovulation and hoping to see those pink lines on pregnancy tests only to be let down month after month. In my case, I found out I had hypothyroidism. Within a month of starting medication for this condition, I conceived my daughter.

My need for support didn’t stop once I was pregnant. Having had such a hard time conceiving, I was now almost paralyzed in fear that I wouldn’t be able to carry the pregnancy full-term. I was so happy for what I had but scared of losing it. I wanted to hide for 40 weeks and reemerge when the baby was born. I finally had a conversation with my husband about my fears and he reminded me to let God be God. In Matthew 26:39 Jesus prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet not as I will, but as you will” – that became our prayer. I knew that whatever happened God would be with us. I’m happy to say we delivered a healthy baby girl.

My TTC journey taught me to not be silent. To talk about the difficulties and to allow others to be with me in the journey. The support from the online group, my husband, and family helped me not spiral into depression. The journey made me stronger and strengthened my relationship with my husband.

If you are walking through infertility and feel that you are doing so alone I encourage you to reach out. There are online groups, support groups through your doctor’s office, and national groups like Resolve. Resolve offers peer lead support groups every month in Hoover.

Resolve Infertility Support Group
Meets at 6:30 PM on the second Tuesday of each month
Location: Hoover Public Library, 200 Municipal Dr. Hoover, AL 35216
Host: Lindsey Kimbrel and Tiffany Luse
Please contact the hosts before attending your first meeting