The Ease of Printicular


When a friend told me to check out Printicular, an app that allows you to send pictures to be printed at a local Walgreens, I was hesitant. I have played with apps like this before – sending in pictures only to arrive at the store’s location and discover the app did not work.

But let me tell you, Printicular was a pleasant surprise.


In less than 10 clicks, my photos were ready to send. I immediately received an email from Walgreens saying they received the order, and an hour later, I received another email saying the pictures were ready to pick up.

In a world where my iPhone acts as my primary camera, this app works for me.

The app allows you to access the pictures in your camera roll, photo stream and photo library (which if you are like me, contain the same pictures), and Walgreens lets you print 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 pictures.

But it is the app’s ability to create 4×4 prints from Instagram that makes it unique.

I did not have to edit the format or pull out a straight cutter. When I selected pictures from my account, the 4×4 size was the default.

This can be a game changer for those who love to scrapbook or create stationary.

The app can access pictures from your Facebook and Flickr accounts too.

Cost-wise, Walgreens provides competitive prices:

4×6 – 29 cents
4×4 – 39 cents
5×7 – $1.99
8×10 – $3.99

And for a limited time, you can take 25 percent off your order if you use the promotional code “PARTNER25” at checkout. You pay for the prints when you pick them up at the store.

If you are like me, I capture more moments on my phone because I always have it with me.  And let’s face it, my iPhone camera has better quality than my actual camera. Printicular makes printing photos from your phone quick and easy, and Walgreens makes the prints available in an hour,  notifying you when they are ready.

Along with the iPhone, the app is available on the iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones.