Kid’s Summer Reading Program

Kid's Summer Reading program ideas summer reading toddlers how to
There are simple and easy ways to encourage your children to read consistently throughout the summer.

During the summer months, it can be easy as busy parents to let children sit in front of a plethora of devices, including the television, phone, or tablet. However, reading is more beneficial to the brain development of kids of all ages. The saying goes “if you don’t use it you lose it”. That especially holds true for the knowledge that children gain during the school year. In which case, consistent summer reading is essential to keep kids on the path to success for the next school year.

Getting your child interested in consistent summer reading can sometimes seem like a daunting task without a structured approach. So, I am bringing you an easy and fail-proof method to keep your child reading for the entire summer.

The approach that I took was starting an easy summer reading program with my daughter. Here are the 3 quick steps that I followed to get started:

  1. First create a chart to keep up with a number of books they read: You can even grab some from Pinterest and print them off.

  1. Next, establish a point system: I made each book worth a point. Yes, even reading Goodnight Moon 4 times in a row will still be worth 4 points.
  2. Finally, After each 10 points, they get a praise and a prize: Kids like positive reinforcements & Incentives.

As you can see, it can be simple and fun to encourage your children to consistently read over the summer. The small steps that you take to help them do more summer reading can positively affect their academic performance for the next school year.

If you don’t have time to structure out a summer reading program for the kids you have other options. Most public libraries will do that work for you by providing logs and incentives for your children. So either make find an easy printable on Pinterest or take a quick trip to your local library to get your children start on a fun summer reading program.

Check out some of these easy to reading books below to get your child started:

  • Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Moon summer reading easy book kid toddler
This classic is a great bedtime read.
  • The Itty- Bitty Kitty Rescue
Itty-Bitty Kitty Rescue summer reading easy book kid toddler
This is a fun and easy summer reading option for chlidren’s summer reading.
  • Where is Baby’s Belly Button?
Where is Baby's Belly Button summer reading easy book kid toddler
This cute story is an easy read for kids to start off their summer reading program.
  • First 100 words
First 100 Words summer reading easy book kid toddler
This easy read is fun for the kids to keep their minds sharp during the summer.
  • Elmo and Friends
Elmo and Friends summer reading easy book kid toddler
This book brings a Sesame Street classic onto paper that kids will surely enjoy.
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