Breastfeeding and Holiday Parties – What to do?

Breastfeeding at the party

The holiday season was particularly overwhelming for me when I was breastfeeding. My schedule filled with family gatherings and parties and finding the time to nurse became very challenging.  With each child, I learned something that helped me manage. Here are a few of my tips for breastfeeding during the holidays.

1. Dress the part

Dressing strategically will make nursing sessions on the go less stressful so that you can quickly and easily get your baby latched to the breast. I recommend layering a shirt over a tank top or nursing cami. The layering top can make it easier to discreetly nurse.

Scarves are also great for turning almost any outfit into a nursing outfit. A beautiful scarf not only dresses up a simple outfit it will double as a nursing cover.

And let’s not forget the obvious choice, nursing tops and dresses. There are beautiful pieces of clothing that are specifically designed for breastfeeding. These tops and dresses have concealed openings that make breastfeeding a breeze.

This pretty shawl below from The Swanky Stork would be perfect for holiday functions and doubles as a cover for nursing.

Nursing Shawl
Caleb Knit Shawl from The Swanky Stork








2. Wear your baby at the party

Find a comfortable carrier, sling or wrap and wear your baby at the party. There are carriers that you can nurse your baby in entirely unnoticed. Wearing your baby also doubles as an immune defense for your little one. No one can touch and handle your child which lowers the chance of germ contact during cold and flu season!

My favorite carrier is the Ergo carrier available locally at Swaddle in Homewood.

Ergo Carrier
Ergo Carrier from Swaddle in Homewood
3. Use the buddy system
Sometimes its hard to break from a conversation or you may feel bad about limiting grandparents cuddle time. Decide before the party the time when you’ll need to nurse. Ask your spouse or friend to remind you when it’s time to feed the baby and to step in if they need to be the “bad guy” and take the baby from well-intended guests.
4. Put yourself first

If you need to say no to a party or a family get together, do so. Don’t feel bad about declining an invitation if you need to rest and stay at home with your baby. There will be plenty of holiday functions in your future. Get the rest you need this year and take care of yourself. You and your baby will be better off in the long run if you are healthy.

What works for you? Please share your tips.


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