Easy Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids

valentines day kid snacks

Valentine’s Day is for everyone, even the littlest members of the family. To celebrate with my two-year-old daughter, Sienna I found some fun and easy Valentine’s Day snacks to make with her. These kid-friendly crafts and treats are simple to make and easy on the wallet.

Love Bug Fruit Cups


Fruit cups (preferably red jello)
Black pipe cleaners
Red and black cardstock or construction paper
Googly eyes
Black marker

Cut out two small black hearts for the feet and tape or glue to the top of the fruit cup (the top of the fruit cup will be the bottom of your Love Bug). Next, use the marker to decorate your lady “love” bug with spots. Glue on the eyes. Then glue the pipe cleaners to the top with two more hearts on the end of the antennae. These are perfectly healthy treats to send to school.

Sweetheart Doughnuts

Think of this one as “upsnacking”. Start with store purchased cake doughnuts and make them extra special with the instructions below.


Chocolate frosting
Heart-shaped sprinkles

Spread doughnuts with the chocolate frosting, and dip or shake the sprinkles over the icing, I let my daughter take sprinkle duty, and she loved being in charge. That’s it! You won’t believe how easy these are to make.

Sweetheart Goldfish Butterflies


Pink Goldfish crackers (or pink and red M&M’s)
A snack-size sandwich bag
Red or pink pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Clothespins (I got mine from the Dollar Tree)
Markers or crayons to color the clothespins (optional)

If you want to color your clothespin, do so with a marker or crayon. For little fingers, the crayon works well on wooden clothespins. Glue googly eyes to the top of the clothespin. Fill the bag with pink Goldfish crackers (or M&M’s). Tie the pipe cleaner around the middle of the bag to form the butterfly shape, then clip the clothespin on top. Curl the pipe cleaners to resemble antennae. These will make perfect treats for your child’s school friends.

Rice Krispy Treat Hearts


Rice Krispy Treats—you can make them yourself or use store bought ones to save time
A heart-shaped cookie cutter (I got mine from the Dollar Tree)
White and pink candy melts

Use a cookie cutter to cut your Rice Krispy Treats into heart shapes. Melt the colored candy melts in the microwave (I start off at 15-second increments, stir and repeat so as not to burn them). Dip one half of the heart in one color and drizzle with the other. Sit them on wax paper or foil for about 10 minutes until they harden. You can add sprinkles to jazz them up.

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