DIY STEAM Activities for Kids

STEAM Pinterest Activities Projects
There are easy STEAM Pinterest activities than can be done with common household items and a limited amount of time.

To help you keep the summer learning going and allow your child to have fun in the process we’ve pinned some great DIY STEAM activities on Pinterest.

Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat Stack:

Our first pick of stress-free Pinterest STEAM activities is the “Stack the Cat’s Hat Seuss STEM” project. This activity can be done with only mini red plastic cups, large white cups, and index cards. The objective of this project is to teach children about how weight displacement can allow them to build taller and larger structures. This project offers an easy way for parents to expose their children to the engineering portion of STEAM.

For more information about this STEAM activity visit our pin:

Penny Boat Float:

Our next stress-free STEAM activity pick is the “Foil Boat Ideas for the STEM Penny Challenge”. This project only requires pennies, tin foil, and any container filled with water to test the buoyancy of the boats. The article that the pin comes from encourages parents to let their children try to come up with a tin foil boat design that will float. If the kids have trouble, there are boat designs in the article for help.

For more information about this STEAM activity visit our pin:

These activities are just two of the many that we have pinned to our STEAM Activities for Kids board. There are so many different ideas for every budget and time frame. We encourage you to go visit our pages to get enough ideas for an entire summer of fun STEAM activities that the kids will love.

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