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Postpartum Exercise

When and how to incorporate exercise after baby

You just welcomed your new bundle of joy and maybe now you're wondering when, or how, to get back into exercise. As a postnatal...

Small Steps to Daily Self-Care

Self-care. The phrase sounds simple enough. Who doesn't want to take care of herself? However, as partners, moms and friends, sometimes caring for ourselves...
pelvic floor

Demystifying the Pelvic Floor

I meet a lot of interesting people and a few have turned into outstanding personal and professional relationships. Meghan is one of those and...
madison squatsvideo

Building Your Core with Squats

As a mommy your day involves tons of bending, lifting, and squatting! This exercise video will give you some simple tips on how to...
Madison's Mommas

Madison’s Mommas

My Journey to Fitness, Wellness, and Passion My weight was a constant battle growing up, mostly being on the heavy end of the spectrum. In...
Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga: Stretch Your Body, Strengthen Your Bond

We all look forward to rest and relaxation after a long day. With a little more intention, we can find deep physical release while...
dinner with kids

Tips for Open Family Communication

We have all experienced the one answer response at the dinner table when trying to get our kids to open up and talk about their...

Yoga for Tight and Tired Neck and Sholders

Aside from being a natural place we carry emotional tension, our neck and shoulders literally bear the weight of parenting. Caring our children, feeding...

What to Expect: Parent and Baby Yoga

Parent & Baby Yoga Once you feel like you can leave the house with your new baby, your re-entry to the world outside has a...
mommy and me time fitness

Mommy & Me Time Fitness

Created by a mom for moms, the Mommy & Me Time fitness program brings a unique fitness option to women in Birmingham. You can...
Pure Barre

Pure Barre Fitness

Pure Barre offers pre and postnatal exercise options for new moms.  Baby on Board Is healthy exercise option because it is low-impact, with no bouncing and...
Float Pod feature

Element’s Float Spa

Elements Float Spa provides flotation therapy utilizing a float tank or pod.
restore yoga

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Poses are known for their many stress-relieving benefits. By supporting your body with props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks, you can...
Why Prenatal Yoga

Why Prenatal Yoga?

The journey into pregnancy is one filled with variety of emotions. There is excitement and anxiety, joy and fear, wonder and confusion and so...