Brookwood Baptist’s Annual NICU Reunion

Dr. Wahib Mena
Dr. Wahib Mena

A special celebration is being held this weekend. The Brookwood Baptist Medical Center NICU Reunion will take place this Sunday, June 25 from 2-4pm in the Women’s Center at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center. Each year, families who spent time in Brookwood’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) come together to celebrate their child’s health and reconnect during a reunion with the doctors and nurses who cared for them.

The Brookwood NICU opened its doors in 1978. More than 700 premature and sick babies are treated and cared for in the Brookwood NICU each year. Despite taking the steps to have a healthy pregnancy, some families encounter unexpected challenges. Certain conditions can cause a higher risk of danger to the health of mother and baby. Brookwood has neonatology and maternal-fetal medicine physician specialists available around the clock, as well as 23 hotel-like high-risk pregnancy suites equipped with the latest technology.

Dr. Wahib Mena, one of the hospital’s longest standing neonatologists, has been with Brookwood for 27 years and has been to EVERY NICU reunion since he started at the hospital. During his time at Brookwood, Dr. Mena has cared for and treated over 21,000 babies. For more on Dr. Mena, you may want to watch this video where he discusses the significance of these reunions, why he loves the work he does, and the significant role that he and his colleagues play in the lives of the babies and their families.

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