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Meghan Ratliff

Meghan Ratliff
Meghan is the mother of three beautiful children and a postpartum doula. She is passionate about improving the care that new moms receive during the 4th trimester, and believes that all moms and babies deserve the best start together possible. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Proverbs for My Children

This is an ongoing list of precepts that I keep in the notes section of my cellphone in hopes of one day sharing them with my children.

5 Holiday Gift Picks for Mom

This time of year tends to be more stressful than the rest of the already busy days of a mom's life. Besides silent nights...
Breastfeeding at the party

Breastfeeding and Holiday Parties – What to do?

The holiday season was particularly overwhelming for me when I was breastfeeding. My schedule filled with family gatherings and parties and finding the time to nurse became very challenging.  With...
mom acceptance changes postpartum depression anxiety

Embracing the Mommy Me

My Journey Years ago when I identified that I was experiencing postpartum anxiety and depression, I was elated when I finally found release from the...
5 ways for dad to bond with baby bonding

5 Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby

Dad may feel like he's missing out since he can't breastfeed but we have five great daily activities that dad can use to bond with...
summer kid relaxation staycation

Taking a Break During Summer

Summer Hustle and Bustle Every year when March rolls around you can feel the energy change amongst the moms of school age children. We all...
My husband the hero

My Husband the Superhero

As we all pause this Father's Day to thank the number one man in our lives, I decided to write a letter to my...
beach baby

Newborn Travel and Vacation Tips

The idea of traveling with a newborn (and all of their gear) may be a bit daunting at best. Here are a few tips to...

I WILL Love My Momma Body

A friend recently invited me to participate in a webinar discussing the 4th trimester. More specifically a woman’s postpartum body. She and I chatted...
Lactation Power Bites

Increasing your Breast Milk Supply Naturally

The number one breastfeeding concern I hear from new mothers is “how do I increase my supply?” Simply put most mommas make the perfect amount of milk for their baby.
Lying-in feature

The Post-Partum Practice of Lying-in

Lying-in is an age-old childbirth practice where it is expected that a new mother stay in bed after giving birth, while the other women...
6 Tips to Help a New Mom

6 Ways to Help a New Mom

Before you show up to the doorstep of your friend that's just given birth, here are a few tips that will make the visit enjoyable...
Momma Love Postpartum Services

Momma Love Postpartum Services

When a birth doula told me about a training program by DONA (Doulas of North America) International to become a postpartum doula, I knew that I’d found my calling. Momma Love Postpartum Services was birthed.