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Janet Chambers

Janet Chambers
A native of England, Janet Chambers can be found most Saturdays teaching cloth diaper classes at The Babytalk Store in Northport, Alabama which is owned by her sister Christin Cover. Janet is also the creator of the Feely Phonic Alphabet and is the author of two books about early childhood literacy and learning – Ready, Set, Read: Building A Love of Letters and Literacy through Fun Phonics Activities’ and The Intermingled Curriculum. Since 1980, she has taught children of all ages, including children with special needs, both in England and the US. For more on The BabyTalk Store visit babytalkstore.com or call 205-333-1594.

The Case for Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapering isn't as intimidating as it may seem. I was a cloth diaper mom when there wasn’t an option to use disposables. We...