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Emily Forsythe is the owner of Dixie Fresh, Birmingham’s first baby food delivery service. Dixie Fresh offers organic fruit and veggie purees for babies, applesauce for toddlers, and healthy snacks for the whole family, all made locally and delivered right to your door. When Emily isn’t running around town delivering baby food she is spending time with her husband and two rambunctious boys.
Dixie Fresh Butter Me Up (Butternut Squash)

Butternut Squash, 2 Ways

Butternut squash is one of my favorite fall veggies. It's so versatile and can be used in anything from creamy butternut soup to pancakes....
Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin Butternut Squash Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I am not one for putting pumpkin in everything I make, but these pumpkin butternut pancakes can make even the pickiest of eaters enjoy...
Italian Ice

Healthy Homemade Sherbet

Healthy homemade sherbet is super simple to make and a delicious summer treat! While technically sherbet is supposed to be churned in an ice...
Healthy Pops

Red, White, and Blue Healthy Popsicles

I don't know about you guys, but we LOVE healthy pops at my house. My kids ask for them all day every day. With...
Healthy Peanut Butter Cookie

Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe – Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free

It's national peanut butter cookie day, so let's make a healthier version of one of my all time favorites: peanut butter cookies! I am...

Healthy On the Go Kid Snacks

Plan ahead and make and take these healthy kid snacks to the beach or pool and skip the processed foods at the concession stand.
Spinach and Sausage Quiche with a Sweet Potato Crust

Breakfast Quiche Recipe

Breakfast is my all time favorite meal. I truly love everything about breakfast, from traditional eggs & bacon to decadent pancakes, waffles, and crepes to the...
ChooMee Reusable puree pouches

Favorite Baby & Toddler Feeding Essentials

I consider myself a bit of a baby gear minimalist. That’s partially by choice, but mostly because I live in a tiny house built...

Muffins made with Carrot Applesauce

With Easter right around the corner, I am loving all the spring flavors! One of my favorites is carrots. I eat them raw, roasted,...

Starting Baby on Solids

If introducing solids into your baby’s diet has you panicking, this post is for you. We all know that family meals are good for...