Alabama Sales Tax Holiday Weekend

Tax Free Holiday

Sales tax holiday

It’s July, the season for students to start moving out of the summer slump before entering another school year of tests and quizzes. Meanwhile, the parents rush to find the best deals on school supplies. The sales tax holiday weekend is a perfect time to for parents to get those supplies and save some cash.

The Alabama tax-free weekend begins July 21, 2017, at the first minute after midnight (12:01 am) and lasts until July 23, 2017, at midnight.

This event is Alabama’s 12th annual tax holiday. School supplies and other related items such as clothing, electronics, and sports equipment are sold free of the state’s 4% tax. This holiday presents the perfect opportunity for parents to finish up their back to school shopping list before the new semester begins.

Here are a few of our tips to get the most out of this weekend.

1. Plan First

A little planning will make sure you actually SAVE and not overspend by buying items you don’t need.

a. Make a List
b. Stick to Your Budget
c. Shop Around

2. Do Unto Others

This is a great time to buy a few supplies for back-pack and diaper drives to give to families in need.

3. Know What items are Eligible Items

Clothing / $100 (but not accessories or protective gear)
Computers / $750
School supplies / $50
Books / $30

**Diapers are Eligible ***

To look at some of the items that won’t be taxed for this holiday visit the Alabama Department of Revenue’s website.

4. Take Advantage of Specials and Deals

Outlet Shops of Grand River
Extended Hours: Friday, July 21 9am-9pm | Sat, July 22 9am-9pm | Sunday, July 23rd 10am-6pm

Brookwood Village
Purchase a Brookwood Village Gift Card valued at $100 or more and receive a bonus $15 gift card FOR FREE to help stretch your dollar even more.

5. Have Fun