7 Productivity Tips for New Mompreneurs

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Being a mompreneur can be challenging between juggling marriage, motherhood, and being an entrepreneur. These tips will help any working mom to be successful in making time to grow your business.

A couple of years ago I made the huge leap from a full-time job as a pharmaceutical rep to working in my business The Paisley Pea full-time. The leap of faith has paid off but it wasn’t easy. It was scary but I learned a few things along the way that you may find helpful if you are thinking of joining the full-time mompreneur club.

1) Set and Maintain Time Blocks With NO Distractions

Set aside and establish specific work hours each day to get work done. Secure childcare during this time, if necessary. Everyone in the family must know that this is work time. Lock your office door, and focus completely on getting work done for your business. Unless it’s a true emergency, refuse to let anything distract you from your goal. Once you are done, be fully committed to quality time with your family. Everyone will soon understand and respect your new way of getting things done. You may notice that you can laugh and enjoy family time more knowing that you have accomplished a lot for the business during your blocked time.

2) Involve Your Children in Your Work

Children love to be engaged, and they are happy when they can help mommy accomplish a task. After your official work time is done each day, you can extend it by letting them help with simple tasks such as stuffing envelopes or sorting supplies. You may find that they start to get creative and start brands of their own. Years from now, you may realize that you have inspired them and their friends to follow their passions.

3) Pre-cook Meals for the Week on Sundays

Keeping meals prepared is one of my biggest struggles, mompreneur or not. The best solution for me has been to pre-cook or partially cook meals. I set a weekly menu and to take time to pre-cook meals on Sundays. This allows me to spend time with family after work instead of slaving over a hot stove! If you don’t enjoy cooking, an Instapot should be your best friend. Simply fix it and forget it!

4) Learn to Say No

As a mom, you have so many things competing for your time and attention. You must learn to say no, when necessary. Determine your priorities first then schedule those instead of saying yes to everything and trying to fit it into your calendar. I heard a quote recently that said, “Don’t Prioritize your Schedule. Schedule your Priorities”. If it’s not in line with your mission, goals, or family priorities than just say no. This will keep you from overextending yourself.  It’s okay I promise

5) Start Early

The early bird catches the worm! Getting up before the rest of the family can be a blessing, you’ll be like that army commercial where you accomplish more in that first hour than the rest of the world does all day. The key is to have a bedtime routine and get to bed early. If you like staying up late after the kids go to sleep to binge on Netflix then maybe try it just a couple days a week.

6) Don’t Try to be Superwoman

Ask for help. You don’t have to accomplish everything on your own. Whether it’s asking your hubby to take the kids for an outing during the day or asking your friends for help with your business, it’s okay to receive help in order to be more productive. Contrary to what you may think, you really don’t have an “S” on your chest.

7) Recharge Yourself

I am guilty of not taking time for this. As women, our maternal instinct leads us to sacrifice for others without recharging ourselves. When you are working 60 plus hours per week as a business owner, you need time to recharge. So, at the end of every week, take a mini-vacation (2 hours or so) away from the kids to do something you enjoy. This can be a date night with your spouse, time with girlfriends, or even a relaxing evening at home (with or without the kids). When you take time to recharge, you will be surprised at how productive you will be once returning to work.

What other things do you ladies do to maximize productivity? We are all in the same boat. Let’s share advice.

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Kendra Lyas
Two years ago Kendra quit her job as a pharmaceutical sales representative to run a small company she had created called the Paisley Pea. The Paisley Pea, born from Kendra’s passion for sewing, offers baby and maternity wear. The company started as an online baby store and has now grown into a nationwide business with over 100 retailers carrying her products. Kendra is happily married to her husband of 14 years and is mom to the 10-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son.