5 Housekeeping Things To Do when the Time Changes

5 Things to do with Time Change

I am a bonafide member of the Home Organization club. I love home hacks. And I confess I’m the kind of person that will use the time change to do a couple of housekeeping items that I only do twice a year. Doing these chores just feels like a good seasonal ritual. It somehow official marks the end of one season and the beginning of another for me. Here are 5 things I’ll do sometime during the time change weekend.

1. Turn the Mattresses
Hardest one because it’s hard to do solo. But I’ll be the spouse, and the kids will be eager to jump in and help on this one.

2. Replace Batteries
I do this in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and my wall clocks.

3. Change Filters
Rule of thumb you should change your home air conditioner filter every 90 days if you don’t have pets and every 60 days if you do. But who does that? I do! But in case you don’t go ahead and change that filter today.

4. Clean the Fridge and Freezer
Three years in the freezer is long enough, let it go already. The best thing to do when cleaning the fridge is to get the vacuum wand and vacuum the coils at the bottom, especially if you have a pet. Pet hair can get under the fridge and clog the coils causing everything to work a lot harder than it needs too.

5. Wash Make-Up Brushes
You may be a replacer, but I’m a washer. Today I will wash all of my hair and make-up brushes. I think it keeps my makeup application looking flawless when the brushes aren’t full of months worth of old make-up.

So that’s my list for the time change. Do you have anything you do special when the time changes? Come chat about it with us on our Facebook page.