14 Fun Stocking Stuffers for Kids


Christmas is just around the corner. If you are still doing some last minute shopping check out these great stocking stuffer ideas. Most of these gifts are between $5 and $10 and all can be found at Homewood Toy & Hobby.

Novelty Items

Toy Smith
Little Joker Fart Bombs XL 6- pack
$ 2.99
These Toy Smith fart bombs are the perfect prank gifts for a little jokester. The bombs pack a powerful stench and will be a huge surprise to whoever they are unleashed on.

Toy Smith
Noise Putty
The Toy Smith Noise Putty is the perfect gift for any child who loves to laugh and joke around. They will be amused by the silly noises that the putty makes. The putty is sure to keep them occupied for a while with the endless amount of shapes that it can be made into.

Activity Sets

Plus Plus
Plus Plus Basic 70 Pieces
Next up, these Plus Plus pieces are another great STEAM gift idea for any child with an affinity for engineering. The plus plus pieces are designed to be put together as a man based on the different colors they are. Your child will be challenged to fit the pieces together to make the completed figure.

Plus Plus
Plus Plus T-Rex 70 Pieces
Plus Plus also makes pieces designed to be made into a T-Rex figure. These pieces are also a great STEAM activity and are perfect for a child who loves dinosaurs.

Crazy Aaron’s
Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty
Crazy Aaron’s Glow in the dark thinking putty is a great novelty item to stuff in any child’s stocking. This moldable ball of fun is only enriched by the cool glow in the dark feature.

Crazy Aaron’s
Truly Magnetic Thinking Putty
Crazy Aaron’s magnetic thinking putty is an awesome gift for the future engineer in your family. Your child will enjoy seeing how many magnetic things that they can adhere to the putty. This is a great toy to enrich any child’s STEAM learning.

Inspiration Inside
The Lego Inspiration Inside activity is a great gift for kids of all ages. The kit comes with various pieces that can be made into practically anything your child could think of. The kit also comes with a booklet full of ideas on what to make with the legos on the off chance that your little can’t think of anything else to make.

Melissa & Doug
On the Go Pet Maze Water- Reveal Pad
This on the go reveal pad is the perfect pseudo coloring book that gives your kids the illusion of coloring a picture without all the mess of markers. This gift is perfect if you are planning to do some holiday traveling as a family and need a mess-free toy to entertain your children on the go.

Games & Puzzles

Chalktivity Creativity in Action
Bouncing Dots Pois reBondissants
If you’re looking for a gift that might get your kids off of their tablets and into the foreign world of the outdoors the Chalktivity bouncing dots might be the perfect stocking stuffer. These dots create a chalk impression when bounced, meaning your kids can make artwork and get excersize from bouncing the ball at the same time!

Carma Games
Tenzi is another fun dice game that you can stuff in one of the kid’s stockings. This small gift can lead to many fun game nights that the whole family will love.

George & Co. Games
The Original Left Center Right Dice Game
If you’re looking for a fun interactive game that the entire family can enjoy during the holidays, the Left, Right, Center dice game is a fun solution. This game can accommodate quite a few players and is an inexpensive small way to fill your child’s stocking with fun.

Crocodile Creek
Fairy Travel Puzzle
The crocodile creek fairy travel puzzle is a great gift for a little girl obsessed with the land of make-believe. Your child can put this puzzle together an take it apart again easily. The puzzle pieces are also very easy to keep up with thanks to the resealable bag that they come packaged in.

Action Figures

Minifigure Series 17
These lego mini-figures are the perfect gift for any little boy because they have so many different characters to collect. They are the perfect characters for playtime with different lego buildings that your child creates.

Minifigure The Batman Movie Limited Edition 20
The Batman Movie Mini-figures are a great gift idea for any child who enjoys the Batman movies. The figurines range from Batman and Robin to the Joker. Little ones will have fun re-enacting movie scenes with these mini versions of their favorite characters.

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